November 11, 2008

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Bromance tv

August 7, 2008

The newest and coolest documentary webisodes are now on wordpress.com

Check out the Bromance series at bromancetv.wordpress.com

08 post season

May 27, 2008

Haven’t had anything new happen in the past few months that has been post worthy. But i’ll work on it and try to keep bringing new stuff for all the 3 people that check this. Me and Mitchell got bored of not snowboarding for a week so we went up to ride what was left of the snow. Not much to see, but I threw this together quickly.


March 24, 2008

So its been a while. I haven’t put anything new on for a while cause nothing ever happens here. Alex came down from whistler for easter. We filmed alot of really good stuff.

If you make it through the whole thing without sleeping i’ll be impressed.

valentines day

February 16, 2008

I know it says its the 16th, I don’t know what’s wrong with this thing but the dates are always messed up. Its not the 14th either actually, its the 15th. I’m posting this a day late, but just don’t worry about it. Mitch and I have been known to do some pretty gay things, but nothing quite as gay as filming eachother playing in the snow on valentines day. We even decided to throw in another dude and a song about having no girlfriends to top it off.

Thanks to sean for making a baller park.


February 11, 2008

A few days ago Alex showed me this video. I just kinda thought it was the best thing ever. And you get to see Rick Ross jump off a bridge. But you dont actually see him jump over cause he’s to fat.

Sorry this is probably the worst thing. Boss.

All Day Everyday

February 9, 2008

Whoever is reading this is probably familiar with Sandbox, the guys that made Flavour Country, Time Well Wasted etc…Every year they somehow make a way sicker vid then the year before, and every year after seeing their vid you think to yourself how hard it would be to make a sicker vid. Somehow they do it. These guys are all canadian btw and introducing new upcoming riders every year. They film a lot in Canada to so its cool seeing of spots in their videos that you have actually been to or know of yourself. Anyways they just released the teaser for their upcoming project “All Day Every Day”. Here it is.

If you want to see more cool vids, or maybe do some shopping… check out www.sandboxland.com


February 6, 2008

I was in my room the other day and noticed I had all this brand new merch sitting around. I decided I had no use for these 2 items here. Still brand new in box, tags on etc… First up is a helmet. Pro-Tech b2. So fresh. b2 .

b2 2

I looked around and found out that the going rate for this swick helmet is 89 bone. Idk, its just sitting in my room. I’ll give it away for 30 or something, or best offer, or first offer. I know what your thinking , “helmets are for fags”, well thats probably what this guy said.

Next, I have a nice looking pair of Flow bindings. White leather, could they be any fresher? flows.

flow 2

Yah, yah I know what your thinking. “Flows are so 90’s, no one rocks those anymore.” Yah no one exept Scotty Lago, and look how good he is….bs7 nose tail. whoa

It must be his sick Flow bindings that do up so fast so he gets in like 15 extra runs a day compared to anyone with your average ball and chain bindings. So these are going for $209.97 american. But im not american so im set for 60. Or best offer, or first one.

Miss Independant

February 6, 2008

My good friend Levi finally had enough of living at home and took the giant leap, grew some balls, and moved out. Every teenagers dream. Living in a pretty not so bad suite in glenmore with 2 other dudes and making his own eggs, he spared some time to do this interview.

new house

Ben – So before we get into this why don’t you give us a few words about yourself.

Levi – Well my names Levi Michael Strauss, born on december 6th 1989, thats a saggitarius for all you astrology homos. I’m a professional trampboarder, un-defeated except for once. I drive a bmw and I am just recently moved out. Miss independent.

Ben – Was that part of the answer?

Levi – You know, like the Kelly Clarkson song.

Ben – I couldn’t help but notice that you mentioned you were actually once defeated on a tramp skate? Why don’t you describe that a bit more.

Levi – K well I don’t really like to talk about it. Man I don’t even remember that game, was it on Hollywood road?

Ben – No, it was at my house.

Levi – Oh yeah.

Ben- Yah.

Levi – K so already I suspect some foul play, basically I was taken by surprise by some cheap smoke and mirror tricks, really low brow you know? I would hardly call it a defeat but my opponent played dirty, plus he likes dudes which was already throwin me off, and he had home court advantage. His skill level was way lower, can’t even do switch threeflips.

Ben – Yah I can.

Levi – No you can’t.

Ben – Moving on. You just moved out last Friday, how is it living with 2 other doods?

Levi – Pretty sweet, we had a huge party the other day, it was crazy.

Ben – Must have been fun cleaning up.

Levi – Yeah took us like 4 hours, broken glass, cigarrette butts, even a dead bunny. Plus it took us like an hour to uninstall the stripper poles.

Ben – Wow that sounds legit. So hows your room? Big enough for all your makeup and star trek books?

Levi – Yeah theres like 2 couches in there plus a king size bed and 2 tvs.

Ben – Your anime must look good on 2 tvs.

Levi – Dude you have no idea, ever watch dragonball z and naruto at the same time?

Ben – No….Whats going on in your fridge right now? People say you can tell alot about someone by whats in their fridge. Like thats why they always show it on cribs and stuff.

Levi – Umm…well I went shopping for the first time in my whole life a couple days ago, its way harder then you think. But do you mean besides the grey goose and crystaal?

Ben – Yeah, that stuff is a given.

Levi – Let me check we got some green peppers, some carrots, milk…..eggs, trying to stay healthy you know, cream cheese…

Ben – Bagels?

Levi – Yeah I got plain , cheese, and raisin cinammon.

Ben – Man, your set for life. I know that in some dude houses they try to keep things organized and everyone has a certain thing to take care of. Do you have any chores like taking out the garbage or making pizza every thursday?

Levi – Well I haven’t even lived here for a thursday yet.

Ben – Your entirely missing the point.

Levi – You’ve obviously never lived by yourself before, Its basically clean up your own shit or you get beaked. And never hear the end of it. Wait you have lived by yourself..scratch that.

Ben – Do you get free Levi jeans? No,wait…Does your dad own Levi Strauss?

Levi – If my dad owned Levi Strauss I don’t think id be in some shop building stairs, but, I actually went into Levis once and asked for free jeans and the lady said to bring my birth certificate in and I could. I forgot and when I eventually went in there was a new manager and she shut me down.

Ben – Harsh, well if anyone is actually still reading this I almost feel sorry for you. Any last words?

Levi – Wanna come over and watch some dragonbal z.

Ben – Not really, but I have superbad.

Levi- K sweet see you in 15.

levis couch

Levi gaming it on his couch. Probably like naruto or something.

Field Manual

February 5, 2008

Many of you may be familiar with death cab and Ben Gibbard, but what about the guys in the back? Chris Walla, guitarist and producer of death cab recently released his own album. “Field Manual” is his debut solo full-length album, he even played all the instruments himself, exept drums. It’s a pretty dece album if I might say. Something I didnt know was that Chris also produced records by other independant-minded bands like Tegan and Sara and The Decemberists. I dont know how to just put music on so i’ll post his new video “Sing Again”. Even better, yah i know. Alex even has a cameo in this, look for him at 1:26.

btw, if you havent been outside in the last while, its snowing sooo hard right now. So keep posted, the next few days I should have some more videos of me and mitch falling.